6 Tips to Becoming a Visual Merchandising Expert

In this day and age, giving discounts to your customers alone is not going to scale your retail store fast. You have to create an appealing shopping environment that optimizes their shopping experience. That’s the basis of visual merchandising. This article dwells on the essential tips required of a visual merchandising expert to succeed in visual merchandising. Let’s look at them in detail:

Success in visual merchandising needs an ambitious plan

Most people disregard this aspect because they think that they have everything planned out in their heads, or because they don’t have a big enough retail outlet. Without a plan, you may not be able to start anything. A plan entails the description of your store layout and how you intend to position your products to create an incredible shopping environment for customers.

A perfect visual merchandising outcome requires that you think like a designer

I bet you’ve been in a retail store and admired the ambiance and spectacular arrangement of the huge array of products. Well, it doesn’t require any magic to achieve that. It all boils down to knowing the elements and principles of design. You must take into account the elements of design (size, shape color, tone, texture) and principles of design (balance, unity, harmony, rhythm, contrast, repetition) and transfer them to your retail outlet to create a remarkable shopping environment.

Make your center of interest magnetic to prop up your merchandising efforts

Your center of interest is usually located near the entrance of the store. It’s imperative that you make it as attractive as possible since it will determine whether your customers continue their shopping journey or walk out. This is where you should do your promotional merchandising, for example, birthdays, mother’s day, Christmas and so on.

Keep your merchandising store squeaky clean

This is a no brain rule of visual merchandising. A customer will never return if they experience a dirty retail outlet. Cleanliness should be a daily routine. Vacuum cleaning should be done weekly. Windows must be spotless. Any damaged rack or shelf must be repaired immediately.

Your merchandising point of sale area should be clutter-free at all times

Your point of sale area is critical to the success of your visual merchandising efforts, as customers stand a little longer there. So it should be nicely organized and clutter-free. Add low-priced products that encourage impulse buying to increase your overall sales. It’s a good idea to solicit the services of a graphic designer to design a magnetic point of sale area for you.

Keep improving the visual merchandising aspect of your store

Take quality time to move around the store and take notes on what looks good and what needs to be improved. This aspect should be included in your plan to manage your time and resources well.


Visual merchandising doesn’t start and end in your retail store. You need to check the environment outside. Look at what your competitors are doing and pluck their strong points to implement in your store to beef up your shoppers’ experience.